Skinless Popcorn™

What is Skinless Popcorn?!

We start with a kernel of corn and remove the skin using a very unique (secretive!) process. The skin is the annoying part that always ends up stuck in your teeth and that you end up trying to wrestle out with your tongue for the next 2 hours. Not fun!

Once the skin is removed, the kernel is then popped under high pressure. Not heat! Using high pressure locks in all the nutrients and maintains its flavor.

Most conventional popcorn is popped using heat, salt, oils and butter.

Not New Pop! No Oil, No Salt and No Butter used here!

After our skinless kernels have popped, we add a dash of raw organic cane sugar and a dusting of natural flavors to create our different flavor varieties.

                          New Pop is Non-GMO, Vegan and Gluten-Free!