Skinless Popcorn™


  • What is New Pop® Skinless Popcorn™ popcorn? 
  • Skinless Popcorn™ popcorn is the one and only skinless popcorn in the US. Snacking is one of the best parts of life and Skinless Popcorn™ popcorn allows you to do so guilt free. Our products are always simple, always fresh and fat free as well as high in fiber. Weighing in at 32 calories per cup and just under 200 calories per bag, everyone can indulge guilt free.

  • What makes Skinless Popcorn™ popcorn different than ordinary popcorn? 
  • We like to keep our popcorn ingredients simple using the fewest ingredients possible. It all begins with a kernel of corn. We use high pressure to pop our corn- NOT HEAT, keeping all the important nutrients intact. Unlike other popcorn, we use zero heat, no oils, no salt and no butter with only 32 calories per cup making Skinless Popcorn™ popcorn one of the lowest calorie popcorns in the US.

  • What is Skinless Popcorn™ popcorn? 
  • Our kernels undergo a very unique process where we remove the skin from the kernel in a peeler before popping. So, you can say goodbye to the bits of skin that get stuck in your teeth and hello to a great tasting, guilt free snack.

  • Are Skinless Popcorn™ products all-natural? 
  • 100%. Skinless Popcorn™ products have zero artificial ingredients, preservatives or flavors. New Pop® prides itself on offering a great tasting snack that is free of Gluten, tree nuts, oils, butter and salt.

  • Are Skinless Popcorn™ products organic? 
  • We do use many organic elements such as our raw organic sugarcane however; our products do not fully qualify as organic.

  • Do Skinless Popcorn™ products contain fat? 
  • No, we are proud to be a completely Fat Free Brand!

  • Are Skinless Popcorn™ Products Kosher? 
  • Yes, the Kosher Organics Council certifies that all our products are kosher.

  • Is Skinless Popcorn™ gluten free? 
  • Yes, all our products are completely gluten free.

  • Do your products contain nuts, soy, salt or dairy?
  • New Pop® Skinless Popcorn™ products are free of all allergens- peanuts, soy, salt, dairy, wheat and eggs.